F. Liszt: Liebestraum arr. by Tertis

Franz Liszt (1811 – 1886), renowned throughout Europe for his great skill as a performer during the 19th century, he is said to have been the most technically advanced and very likely, the greatest pianist of all time. He was also an important and leading composer, a notable piano teacher, a conductor who contributed significantly to the modern development of the art. In 1850, Liszt published two versions of Liebestraum: a lied for soprano and piano, and a notturno for solo piano. Performance today is Lionel Tertis’ arrangement of this piece. The viola leads the melody while the piano is still quite demanding (it’s Liszt after all) but two cadenzas has been replaced by the viola. Listen to the harmonic steps of the first measures: it’s incredibly romantic and typical of the style of the Hungarian master.

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